Privacy Policy


  • General
    1. Mojakart, registered in the UK at…is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. With the accordance of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR EU-2016/679) and national laws regarding personal data, we will retain and process your personal data. On legal basis we are allowed to use your personal data for any legitimate interests regarding completion of purchasing procedures and communication and where data may be useful in order to strengthen the services provided to you, while being in compliance with the regulation. You data is stored on our secured servers with restricted access to third party users. There are various measures implemented to ensure the safety of your data.
    2. Please read the following to understand further how we use your data and for what purposes
  • Visitors to Mojakart
    1. We collect the following information
      1. When you fill out a contact form through our website to be contacted, this includes: name, e-mail, phone number
      2. When you add your banking details to initiate a completion of your purchase cycle, this includes: Name, Credit/debit card details.
      3. When you contact us using the contact details provided on the website, it may be a telephone number, e-mail address or fax number; we may keep a record of the correspondence
      4. When you start your journey on our website till you exit, this includes: your visits on our pages, the amount of time spent, and any information regarding you visit on our website
    2. How do we collect it?
      1. Using your Internet Protocol address for fraud protection purposes, this includes: your device details
      2. Our website uses two types of cookies:
        1. Operational: We use this information to ensure best services are provided to you.
        2. Advertising: This cookie is used to generate specific ads or offers to your customer profile. We do not work with third parties; thus your information is only limited to us.
  • Why do we collect the above mentioned information
    1. Personal use or marketing purposes
      1. For legitimate and more direct reasons, this includes: responding to your personalized queries regarding products, delivery times, returns, general information, price lists or any information that is required to fulfil your requests
      2. We are required to share your personal information with third parties in instances such as: banks and payment companies such as Paypall that we partner up with in order to complete your purchasing cycle, we may share your personal details with postal services in order for us to deliver your goods
      3. In order to improve our website and the services. We may ask you to fill out customer service surveys from time to time after certain purchases
      4. To contact you for marketing purposes
      5. In order to provide a more customized set of adverts suitable to your preferences
      6. To ensure our website is appropriate to use on your device
    2. Security Reasons
      1. We may record and monitor correspondence for fraud prevention, training and quality assurance purposes. We may hold up this information for upto 7 years.
      2. Credit checks may be carried out to prevent fraudulent activities
  • Accessing, Updating, Deleting and Restricting use of personal Data
    1. The Data Protection Legislation allows you to object the processing of your data. In case as such please contact our team:
    2. Please keep us informed if there is a need for update for the information you may have provided at an earlier time.
  • We are required to have access to certain personal data in order for you to proceed with any purchases; or we may require this information to confirm your identity for certain instances such as to contact you again on consent given.
  • Right to withdraw consent
    1. By ticking the ‘Allow’ or ‘accept’ box on the bottom right corner, you allow us to collect, store, transfer and process your data. However, at any point you wish to withdraw your consent, you may contact our team:
  • Changes to our Privacy Policy
    1. We reserve the right to make any changes to our privacy policy at any point in time. The changes will be made on this page; therefore, please check this page periodically to keep updated.
  • Contact Us
    1. At Mojakart, we take Data Protection seriously and we have a dedicated team ensuring that we always comply with the regulations and we can support you with any queries you may have. For further details or questions, please contact us: